The role of the Educational Psychologist is to support students, parents and teachers in order to facilitate the teaching-learning process. To achieve this, the Educational Psychologist (E.P) develops activities designed to anticipate teaching and learning difficulties.

Our support and advice include three intervention modules:

Special Educational Needs

Students who exhibit certain characteristics or require additional support are evaluated by the School. Based on the results of the evaluations, an intervention plan is proposed for the individual student, teachers and possibly also for the parents. This plan is regularly reviewed in order to assess the child’s progress.

Workshop for Parents

This is a regular forum for parents to attend where they can discuss and share educational experiences. It is also an opportunity for them to learn more about how they can support the learning and educational needs of their children.

Careers Advice

During the Secondary stage, students complete evaluations on aptitude and career choices in order for the School to give them advice and help them understand the requirements and admissions procedures for Higher Education Institutions. Students have first-hand experience of the different study requirements and professions through organised activities.