Laude BSV has a great variety of sports facilities to provide its students with a wide range of curricular and extracurricular sports activities. Due to the importance that Physical Education has in our curriculum, we have 10,000 m² for sports facilities.

Students can enjoy our multifunctional sports center (503 m²) with four badminton courts, a volleyball court, a five-a-side football pitch and a dance stage.

In addition, Laude BSV has three outdoor soccer fields, one of which is Astroturf. There are also three basketball courts and two tennis courts.

Moreover, we have three swimming pools, one of which is covered and can be used throughout the year. Another of the pools is adapted for children in Early Years.

And to complement the other sports that we offer, we have a small outdoor athletics track, where our students can run, practice the technical aspects of their chosen sport, and follow their training programmes.

Through a broad and balanced curriculum, Physical Education in Laude BSV complements the general objectives of the school.

The curriculum is designed to be enjoyable, but, at the same time, to stimulate students physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. Its goal is to provide an equal opportunity of learning experiences through games, gymnastics, dance, athletics, racket sports, striking and fielding games, and outdoor education. Students are encouraged to take on different roles and enjoy physical activity, either as players, referees or team leaders.

Lessons and work units are structured so that students can acquire knowledge and skills within the physical education environment. The learning environment is adapted to the age, maturity and skill level of the students.

Expectations are high but realistic in terms of achievement, discipline, behaviour and uniform. Our positive learning environment stimulates students’ confidence regarding their physical ability, all in a safe and caring environment where a students’ success is always celebrated.


  • Working on techniques and physical conditioning.
  • Improving coordination and perception.
  • Understanding the effects of exercise on the body.
  • Developing the ability to work independently and as a team.
  • Forming healthy lifestyle habits as well as practicing sports safely.
  • Teaching students to be responsible in their use of the environment for leisure and recreation.
  • Reinforcing self-esteem, cooperative learning, leadership and respect for the abilities of others.



The British School of Vila-real follows a British tradition that consists of dividing its students by houses: the House System. The house system does not refer to a building but to a particular group of students.

Its purpose is to promote healthy competition based on an inclusive and teamwork philosophy. Students win points according to their achievements and these points decide the winning house. The programme includes different activities and sports competitions.

Our school houses are named: Aqua, Terra, Atmos and Solar.

Throughout the years, students remain in the same Houses and receive points for different merits such as: good behaviour, showing consideration, initiative, or performance in different school and sports environments.


During the SPORTS DAY our students compete through their school houses in different sports such as athletics, long jump, high jump, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and so on.

Another sports competition in which our houses participate is the SWIMMING GALAS, through which swimming is promoted in our school community.

The VIS CUP (Valencia International Schools Cup) is a sports championship between British and international schools in the Valencian Community. This competition provides our students with the opportunity to represent our school, helps them develop their commitment to the team and reaffirms the sense of good behavior and fair play so valued in our school.


These are courses for those students who wish to study Physical Education and training in more depth. The IGCSE PE course is offered in Year 10 and Year 11 (equivalent to 3rd and 4th of ESO) and the A-Level PE course is offered in Year 12 and Year 13 (the two courses that make up the Sixth Form). Within the sports and physical education sector, there are a great variety of professions: coaches, teachers, health professionals, specialists in the management of sports bodies, etc. Both courses are designed to facilitate students access to careers or degrees related to sports.

Our school constantly receives students who already dedicate their lives to sports and are currently competing at a national or regional level in youth categories. These students choose our school because it allows them to combine their sports career with our Physical Education programmes, and hence complete their education successfully. This is the case for the students who come from the Villarreal Football Club or from the different Tennis Clubs in the region of Castellón.

Some of our students have accessed universities in the USA with sports scholarships.

Our students have studied degrees in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, Sports Management, Medicine, and Physiotherapy. All these degrees have excellent professional opportunities.


Laude BSV has Sports Clubs through which we encourage a life-long love of sport. These clubs are free and are well attended by the students because they allow them to practice their favourite sports in their spare time.

In addition, the Clubs programme holds competitions in which families and the school’s staff participate. In general, the most popular clubs in our community are: football, basketball, tennis and table tennis.


The extracurricular activities we offer include:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Mugendo
  • Swimming I
  • Swimming II
  • Beginners Dance
  • Dance
  • Music & Movement (Psychomotricity combined with music)

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