“Develop your passion for learning, and you will never stop growing”

As Headteacher of The British School of Vila-real, I would like to thank you for visiting our website.

We are a successful International British school, proud of our roots in the local community with one simple aim:

To create great learning experiences which inspire, support and challenge us to be the best we can be.

Great learning happens when we feel happy and secure. A happy child is a motivated young person who will focus on their own talents and perform to levels that amaze them.  This is why we work closely with parents and make it a priority to understand the strengths and aspirations of each student in our care.

With the support of the International Schools Partnership, we offer our learners valuable skills for success in an increasingly global community. These are outlined in B.S.V. Way, our vision of learning skills and how we develop them.

Many of our students access UK and other international universities but a large number go on to higher education here in Spain. In fact, as a bilingual school we ensure our students are properly educated in Spanish and Valencian as well as other subjects that serve as the keys to universities around the world.

What makes a school truly great is not only a valuable all-round education delivered on a daily basis, but also the relentless drive to improve and innovate. Getting even better motivates us.

The warmth and friendliness within the school reflects the way we relate to everyone. We take pride in the strength of our relationships, and as a consequence we find people want to connect with us because they identify with our values and creativity. This is what makes the British School of Vila-real special.

I am personally delighted to be a part of this wonderful school alongside the whole BSV team. When you read about us on this website and visit us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we are confident that you will agree that your children can reach their full potential in this positive and stimulating environment. We look forward to welcoming you in person to find out more about our great school and how you can join our growing community.

With the warmest of welcomes,

Ms. Rhian Cross


Inf: British curriculum