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Why are we the best British school in Castellón?

Our international school in Castellón is an educational reference due to the academic quality of our british programs. The students of the British School of Vila-Real have the most complete education from the first years of infant school, throughout their academic development they acquire a series of knowledge and values that will be essential for their future. 

Our british school in Villarreal offers your children an educational experience at the highest level, in an environment prepared for them to enjoy all the activities necessary for their education. 

Indoor and outdoor facilities

Our educational environment is made up of sports facilities including a sports center, two swimming pools, soccer and basketball fields, tennis courts and an athletics track. 

The four classroom buildings of our international school in Castellón incorporate four laboratories, three computer rooms, music and rehearsal rooms, as well as the most complete technological equipment in each classroom.    

Teaching in different languages

Our curricular programs are based on british teaching, which is completed with a third language during the secondary school years. 

Our students learn to communicate in English as naturally as they express themselves in Spanish. We collaborate with the International Schools Partnership (ISP) to offer our students a permanent immersive experience in the language.   

Values based on integral education and respect

Our British school in Castellón insists on the teaching and transmission of values as part of our educational program. From a secular and humanistic perspective, we work daily to ensure that our students understand the importance of values based on respect, tolerance and responsibility.  

Technology and innovation for learning

Our classrooms incorporate the most advanced educational technology. Today’s generations are born in a digital environment, it is important that they are familiar with today’s technology.  

Why choose a British educational program for your children?

The educational program of our british school in Castellón is based on the principles of British education. In addition to the linguistic development of our students from an early age, there are also the advantages of this type of program for their future.    

More professional opportunities for students

The educational method we apply expands the job opportunities for our students. In an increasingly globalized world, learning several languages is a basic skill, which is complemented by the knowledge and values we transmit to our students.   

Cognitive and communicative development

The advantage of learning several languages from an early age also has an impact on other aspects of teaching. The cognitive process during the school stage is superior in children and adolescents with more developed communicative skills, acquired through the learning of several languages.

Higher academic performance

The result of our school programs is superior academic performance during all educational stages. The results in academic tests are the best demonstration of the effectiveness of our educational project.

British School for all educational stages

At British School of Villarreal we have created an educational experience that includes all stages, from the first years of infant school to the two pre-university years of Bachillerato.

In the Infant School, the student begins to become familiar with his or her environment, and it is also important that he or she learns to show appropriate affective behaviors. In our british school in Vila-Real we apply a specific learning program, so that our infant students begin to learn English while they develop their native language skills.

During primary school, the student begins to become familiar with writing, habits of coexistence, basic notions of culture, creativity and putting into practice oral expression and comprehension. At the British School of Vila-Real we also have specific programs to ensure that, during this educational phase, they assimilate the basics of a second language.

The secondary courses are oriented towards the development of knowledge related to the common culture. During these four years, study and comprehension habits are also instilled, which should go beyond the educational period. Our students begin to study a third language, German or French. The last two years of Secondary Education, the student perfects his or her English level and prepares for the next step, University Education.          

Our British Institute receives the best academic results

Applying an advanced educational program allows us to achieve the best academic results every year. Year after year, our british school in Castellón obtains the best grades, the results of our students are the best proof of the effectiveness of our british method, based on the integral academic formation and the teaching of values.  

Formamos parte de International School Partnership

One of the advantages of our international school in Villarreal is the academic environment offered by the International Schools Partnership (ISP). This international organization is present in different English-speaking countries. Collaboration through the ISP allows us to program international face to face activities, as well as classroom activities that complement the basic education of our students. 

The ISP is integrated by more than 50 schools around the world, forming an international network of academic collaboration. Our students have the opportunity to improve their English language skills with other students their age, and learn the values of other cultures through immersive experiences.       

We offer international opportunities for our students

The language teaching program in the classroom is complemented by the international activities offered by the ISP framework. We develop different options depending on the age of our students, each educational cycle has specialized programs.

We are the British School in Castellón you were looking for

At the British School of Vila-Real we propose an educational method based on british and personalized teaching. Each of our students follows an educational proposal adapted to their expectations, in order to promote their abilities.   

Enrollment Deadline

The registration period for next year is now open, make your pre-registration now and we will contact you immediately to begin the admission process.

British school Fees

To our annual fees you can add services such as daily transportation to school, dining room service and day care. If you have any questions about our international school, just contact us.