At Secondary level, the British National Curriculum is taught to a high standard in all areas. Its main attraction is the wide range of subjects introduced at Key Stage 3 in addition to IGCSE preparation at Key Stage 4. The success lies in the professional quality of the teachers, who are innovative and enthusiastic. All of them have extensive experience in preparing students academically.

In Secondary, we offer a wide range of subjects which allows our pupils to experience different aspects of education and plan for their future lives. They follow the English curriculum as well as taking the necessary subjects from the Spanish curriculum: Language and Literature, Valencian and Social Sciences in order to achieve the Homologación de la título de la ESO. At KS3 they study German, French and Chinese as foreign languages which they can later take as official IGCSE and A Level subjects. Our agreements with the Confucius, French and Goethe Institutes and the academic results obtained are a clear demonstration of the strength of our Foreign Language curriculum.

We also have a Vocational Guidance department. During secondary education, aptitude and career preference assessments are carried out in order to provide guidance to facilitate access to higher education. Students learn first-hand about the reality of different studies and professions through activities organised by the universities.

At the same time, in the Secondary School we place special emphasis on “Pastoral Care”, where experienced and professional assistance is provided in a sensitive manner to students who often find themselves in a stressful situation due to the difficult challenges they have to face.

Key Stage 3

Comprises Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9. At the end of Year 9 our students sit the official SATs exams in Maths, Science and English. At Key Stage 3 they study Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, Languages, Computing, Physical Education, Art, Music and Citizenship. At this stage all subjects are compulsory and students choose between German, French or Chinese.

Key Stage 4

This covers Year 10 and Year 11. At the end of Year 11 students take the IGCSE examinations. Mathematics, science, physical education, citizenship and English are compulsory subjects. Three optional subjects must be chosen from history, geography, computing, business, another language, art, physical education and music.


(I)GCSE is a two-year course. Examinations are in the summer at the end of Year 11. It is the 4th Cycle of the British National Curriculum.

  • GCSE is the General Certificate of Secondary Education. (I)GCSE is the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. Both are recognised throughout the world.
  • In Britain there are a number of examination boards that organise and offer (I)GCSE courses. We currently use Edexcel and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) for most exams.
  • We offer a wide range of subjects in line with National Curriculum guidelines, offering a good mix of traditional and more contemporary subjects.
  • We guarantee to meet the needs of all students in preparation for university entrance, from those who choose very specific academic pathways to those who prefer a more general programme.
  • The National Curriculum and (I) GCSE are designed to work hand in hand to meet the needs of all pupils. Grades awarded for (I) GCSEs per subject range from A* to G. Pupils wishing to go on to higher education need a minimum of five IGCSEs with grades between A* and C, (which is the minimum for validation with ESO in Spain).
  • Most students sit all their chosen subjects at the beginning of Year 10, but there is no set rule. They can sit individual subjects to improve a grade or to gain more points. We offer a flexible à la carte service to suit all needs.

All students take the following core subjects (I) GCSE:

  • English Literature
  • English Language
  • Maths
  • Science (Double Award)
  • Science (Triple Award)
  • Spanish Language
  • History and Geography in Spanish
  • Valencian
  • English as a Second Language/ESL
  • Spanish as a Second Language/SSL
  • Foreign Language 1 (Chinese, French or German) / MFL 1
  • Personal and Health Social Education/ PSHE

As elective subjects you can choose

  • Business Studies
  • Geography/ Geografía
  • History
  • Art
  • Computer Science/ ICT
  • Physical Education
  • Foreign Language 2 (Chinese, French or German) / MFL 2
  • Music

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At British School of Vila-real we prepare our students to obtain official certificates in English, German, French and Chinese. As they progress in the acquisition of these new languages, they can sit the different official examinations and obtain the official certificates awarded by recognised bodies such as:

  • Cambridge University: Exams are held for Young Learners, KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE.
  • Goethe Institut: Students obtain certificates in the Fit in Deutsch 1 and Fit in Deutsch 2 levels.
  • Institut Français: Our students take the DELF and DALF examinations.
  • Confucius Institute: We prepare our students for the HSK examination