The Secondary School offers the British National Curriculum to a high level. The main attraction is the wide choice of subjects that are introduced in Key Stage 3 and provided as IGCSE courses. The key of the success is the staffing where members of staff are very experienced in delivering the courses to a high standard, with innovation and enthusiasm.

At Secondary Level, the exposure to such a variety of subjects allows the pupils to sample different aspects of education and to start planning their professional lives. Students follow the British Curriculum strengthened by the opportunity to also study the Spanish Curriculum (Lengua y Literatura, Valenciano and Ciencias Sociales). Spanish, German, French and Chinese are studied throughout Key Stage 3 as Modern Foreign Languages and are offered as an option at GCSE and A Level. Our agreement with the Goethe Institute, the French Institute and the Confucious Institute and our results are further evidence of our ability to provide a strong MFL curriculum to our students.

There is also a proactive Careers Department. During the Secondary stage, students complete evaluations on aptitude and career choices in order for the School to give students advice and to help them understand the requirements and admissions procedures of Higher Education Institutions. Students have first-hand experience of the different study requirements and professions through organised activities.

Great emphasis is placed on Pastoral care. Pupils enjoy the security of support from experienced professionals who provide sensitive assistance to pupils who will often find themselves in stressful situations and will inevitably face some tough challenges along this particular part of their educational journey.