Welcome to our school

As Headteacher of British School of Vila-real, I would like to thank you for visiting our website.

We are a highly successful British International School, we are proud of our roots in the local community and we have one simple aim:

To create great learning experiences that inspire, support and challenge us to be the best we can be.

Good learning happens when we feel happy and confident. A happy child is a motivated young person who focuses on their own talents and aspires to achieve results that surprise them. That’s why we work closely with parents and focus on understanding each student’s strengths and ambitions.

With the support of the International Schools Partnership, we provide our students with the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly global community. This is evident in our B.S.V. Style, which reflects the range of learning skills we develop at our school.

We are a benchmark school that has trained several generations of students whose university destinations have been spread throughout Spain and all over the world. Many of our students go on to UK and international universities each year, but a large number of students choose higher education here in Spain. In fact, as a bilingual school, we ensure that our students are fluent in both Spanish and Valencian, and we offer subjects that serve as passports to universities around the world.

A good school is not only achieved by offering an excellent all-round education, but also by constantly striving to improve and innovate. Being even better motivates us.

I would like to highlight our commitment to innovative teaching, pedagogical improvement and learning, not only academically, but also in terms of values.

The friendly, family atmosphere of the school reflects the way we relate to each other. We pride ourselves on the quality of our relationships and we know that families are attracted to our values and our creativity. This is what makes British School of Vil- real special.

I am personally delighted to be part of this wonderful school and to have the invaluable work of all the BSV team. We are sure that after reading the information on this website and visiting our social media sites, you will come to the conclusion that your children can develop to their full potential in this positive and stimulating environment.

We look forward to your visit soon to see our school first hand and find out how you can become part of our growing community.

More information on our Private School Curriculum Castellón

The Home of British Education

British School of Vila-real, located in Vila-real, Castellón, is in its own right the home of British education in Castellón. With more than 25 years of experience, its educational model is fully consolidated. It is the only British, private, co-educational school in its province with all stages of education from Infant to Sixth Form, from 2 to 18 years old. BSVR is part of the International Schools Partnership, one of the largest educational groups in the world.

The school combines the best of British education with international programmes, meeting the requirements of the Spanish Ministry of Education and the British National Curriculum. With its international focus, it enriches its curriculum with a more international dimension.

Our history

Founded in 1996, British School of Vila-real is a private, non-denominational and liberal British school in the province of Castellón, which offers all stages of education from two years old to university entrance (from 2 to 18 years old).

British school of Vila-real is part of the prestigious International Schools Partnership group. The group has a strong reputation in Spain and the UK, and their participation and support brings enormous benefits to our school.

It is recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education as well as by the British Council in the UK, so our students obtain a dual Spanish and British qualification, which allows them to apply to any university in the world.

The school’s language of communication and teaching is English. However, we maintain a strong commitment to Spanish language and culture. We are a highly successful British International School, we are proud of our roots in the local community and we have one simple aim:

To create great learning experiences that inspire, support and challenge us to be the best we can be. We understand that good learning develops the mind and we know that every step in learning is unique. All members of our community are focused on this goal. Students, teachers and parents all understand the importance of improvement. Together we have created the values that define the mission of our school.

Why choose BSV?

British School of Vila-real, located in a privileged setting, is one of the most prestigious schools in Spain. It offers a high quality British education together with subjects from the Spanish curriculum, leading to the award of an official double qualification certificate (British and Spanish). This allows students to gain direct entry to any European university without the need to sit the Selectividad exam.

We provide, within a framework of personalised attention, a quality education based on respect and effort as fundamental principles.

The families of British School of Vila-real trust us because their children are happy and receive the personalised attention they need. Not only do we promote academic excellence, but we also offer a wide range of activities that contribute to their all-round education.

With 600 children divided into four school houses, we believe in the virtues of being a medium-sized school. Our size makes it possible for Infant and Primary classes to have the optimum number of pupils and for Secondary and Sixth Form classes to be small.

Our code of conduct requires discipline on the part of the students, but it is even-handed and, above all, accepted by all of them. We believe that being busy and receiving the right stimuli every day is the best form of discipline. At British School of Vila-real we emphasise the values of respect, mutual support and tolerance, and we encourage a culture of effort, achievement and perseverance.

We inspire each and every one of our students to develop a passion for learning.

Our academic results are excellent, but preparing our students for their exams is not the only thing that makes our school unique. We promote language learning, sport, drama, music and the arts. We organise educational outings to complement the work done in the classroom and trips that allow our students to get to know other realities and cultures. We encourage the practice of public speaking and debate on current affairs to encourage the development of critical thinking.

The staff at BSV are exceptionally professional and committed to the school, the students and their families.

Our students have access to a wide range of university courses to prepare them for a successful career, both in Spain and abroad.

The BSVR way









“At BSV, learning is a journey of discovery in which, by being creative, taking risks and making mistakes, we improve our knowledge, skills and understanding”.