The Art department is located in a bright and spacious area where students can learn drawing and painting techniques, relief printing, ceramics and other forms of artistic expression. Art forms part of the curriculum for all students up to Year 9.

Art forms part of the curriculum for all students up to Year 9. Thereafter it will be a popular option for IGCSE and A level courses.


At the school we encourage all pupils to take part in plays, concerts and other school events.

Drama is taught in our Secondary curriculum. We have a new, fully equipped theatre with lighting, sound and surround curtains for additional stage effect. This new subject helps our pupils to build their confidence in spoken English.


Laude BSV has a wide variety of sports facilities to provide its students with a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular sporting activities. Due to the importance of Physical Education in our curriculum, we have 10,000 m² of sports facilities.

Students can enjoy a multifunctional sports hall (503 m²) with four badminton courts, a volleyball court, a five-a-side football pitch and a dance stage.

In addition, Laude BSV has three outdoor football pitches, one of which is artificial turf.

There are also three basketball courts and two tennis courts.

We have three swimming pools, one of which is covered and can be used all year round. Another of the pools is adapted for children from infants.

And to complement our sports facilities, we have a small outdoor athletics track, where our pupils play, perform technical exercises and practice their sports training programmes.

Through a broad and balanced curriculum, Physical Education at Laude BSV complements the overall aims of the school.

The curriculum is designed to be enjoyable, but at the same time to stimulate students physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. It aims to provide an equitable opportunity for learning experiences through games, gymnastics, dance, athletics, racket and bat sports and outdoor education. Students are encouraged to take on different roles and enjoy physical activity, whether as players, referees or team managers.

Lessons and units of work are structured to enable them to acquire knowledge and skills within the physical education environment. The learning environment is adapted to the age, maturity and ability level of the students.

Expectations are high but realistic in terms of achievement, discipline, behaviour and consistency. The classroom environment is so positive that it stimulates students’ confidence in terms of physicality, in a safe environment where students’ success is positively reinforced.


  • To work on psychomotor skills and physical fitness.
  • To improve aspects of coordination and perception.
  • To enhance understanding of the effects of exercise on the body.
  • To develop the capacity for independent work and teamwork.
  • To train in healthy habits as well as in the safe practice of sport.
  • To teach responsible use of the environment for leisure and recreation.
  • To reinforce self-esteem, cooperative learning, leadership and respect for the abilities of others.



Laude The British School of Vila-real follows a British tradition of dividing its students into houses: the House System. The House System does not refer to a building but to a particular group of students.

Its purpose is to encourage healthy competition based on a philosophy of inclusiveness and teamwork. Students earn points based on their achievements and these points decide the winning house. The programme includes different sporting activities and competitions.

Our school houses are: Aqua, Terra, Atmos and Solar.

Over the years, pupils stay in the same ‘Houses’ and receive points for different merits such as: good behaviour, showing consideration, initiative or performance in different school and sporting areas.


During SPORTS DAY our pupils compete through their school houses in different sports such as athletics, long jump, high jump, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc.

Another sporting competition in which our houses participate is the SWIMMING GALAS, through which swimming is promoted in our school community.

VIS CUP (Valencia International Schools Football Cup) (Valencia International Schools Basketball Cup)

The VIS CUP is a sporting championship between British and international schools in the Valencian Community. This competition gives our students the opportunity to represent the school, helps them to develop their commitment to the team and reaffirms the sense of good behaviour and fair play that is so valued in our school.


These courses are aimed at those pupils who wish to receive intensive training in Physical Education. The IGCSE PE course is offered in Year 10 and Year 11 (the equivalent of 3rd and 4th years of ESO) and the A Level PE course is offered in Year 12 and Year 13 (the two years that make up the Baccalaureate).

Within the sport and physical education sector there is a wide range of professionals: coaches, teachers, health professionals, sports management specialists, etc. Both courses are designed to give students access to careers or degrees related to sport.

Our school constantly receives students who have already dedicated their lives to sport and are competing at a professional level at youth level. These pupils choose our school because it allows them to combine their professional sporting careers with our Physical Education programmes, successfully completing their education. This is the case of students who come from Villarreal Football Club or from the different Tennis Clubs in the province.

We have students who have gained access to universities in the U.S.A. with sports scholarships.

Our students study degrees such as: Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, Degree in Sports Management, Medicine or Degree in Physiotherapy. All of these degrees have excellent professional opportunities.


Laude BSV has Sports Clubs through which sporting sentiment is promoted. These Clubs are free of charge and are very popular among students because they allow them to practice their favourite sport in their free time. In addition, the Clubs programme organises competitions in which families and school staff take part. In general, the clubs most in demand by the community are: Football, Basketball, Tennis and Table Tennis.


The role of the Educational Psychologist is to support students, parents and teachers in order to facilitate the teaching-learning process. To achieve this, the Educational Psychologist (E.P) develops activities designed to anticipate teaching and learning difficulties.

Our support and advice include three intervention modules:

Special Educational Needs

Students who exhibit certain characteristics or require additional support are evaluated by the School. Based on the results of the evaluations, an intervention plan is proposed for the individual student, teachers and possibly also for the parents. This plan is regularly reviewed in order to assess the child’s progress.

Workshop for Parents

This is a regular forum for parents to attend where they can discuss and share educational experiences. It is also an opportunity for them to learn more about how they can support the learning and educational needs of their children.

Careers Advice

During the Secondary stage, students complete evaluations on aptitude and career choices in order for the School to give them advice and help them understand the requirements and admissions procedures for Higher Education Institutions. Students have first-hand experience of the different study requirements and professions through organised activities.