Enrolment in Bilingual School in Castellón

British School of Vila-real is a bilingual school in Vila-real (Castellón) with a different approach, based on the continuous use of English in the academic environment and the development of a British academic programme, which prepares our students for an international higher education.

If you are looking for the bilingual school in Castellón with the best educational offer for your children, contact our admissions team and come and visit our school.

Welcome to the British Bilingual School of Vila-real

At our British school in Castellón we have an academic proposal that goes beyond bilingualism. Our facilities are another of the reasons that differentiate us from other schools in our area. BSV pupils have all the necessary facilities and spaces to enjoy the best educational experience on a daily basis.

Quality education in a bilingual and multicultural environment

Children who develop in a bilingual and multicultural environment at school have a unique opportunity to enrich their learning and their perception of the world. Interaction with different languages allows them to develop higher cognitive skills, such as a greater ability to solve problems and to switch between tasks more efficiently. This environment fosters mental flexibility, enhancing creativity and adaptability to different contexts.

In addition, daily contact with diverse cultures fosters empathy, tolerance and understanding of others. Children learn to appreciate differences and to understand that diversity is a richness and not a threat. This multicultural education helps them develop a more open mind and prepare them to live in an increasingly globalised world.

Finally, being bilingual and having an in-depth knowledge of different cultures can provide children with significant professional advantages in the future. Companies increasingly value people with intercultural communication skills and fluency in several languages. The bilingual and multicultural environment not only enriches their present life, but also opens doors in their future life.

At British School of Vila-real we work every day so that our students grow up in a multicultural environment, in which the practice of English is permanent.

Our educational philosophy and differentiating pedagogical approach

The implementation of an educational process based on the British model also makes a substantial difference. At BSV, we also incorporate new educational techniques that allow us to be at the forefront, offering our students a personalised teaching process that allows them to develop their particular abilities.

Modern and safe facilities for the integral development of our students.

Among the facilities available at our bilingual school in Vila-real, we would like to highlight the following:

  • Four classroom buildings
  • Dining hall
  • Two swimming pools (one of them indoor)
  • Multifunctional sports centre
  • Three outdoor football pitches
  • Three basketball courts
  • Two tennis courts
  • Outdoor athletics track

Why choose our Bilingual School in Castellón?

Some of the reasons why BSV is a reference school in the Valencian Community are the language immersion method, the possibility of obtaining language certificates and the teachers and methodology we apply in each educational stage.

Language immersion from an early age

Language immersion from an early age provides an effective and natural way to learn a second language. Children have a superior ability to learn new languages; through immersion, they can learn to speak, read and write in a second language as fluently as in their mother tongue. The immersion experience allows children to internalise grammatical rules and language use in an instinctive way.

Furthermore, language immersion from an early age has cognitive benefits beyond learning the language itself. Studies have shown that bilingual or multilingual children tend to develop stronger critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They may also develop superior concentration and multitasking skills, as their brains become accustomed to switching between different language systems.

Children who experience early language immersion have a greater ability to understand and appreciate different cultures. Through language, they can access a wider range of experiences and points of view, which can enrich their empathy and understanding of the diversity of the world.

Internationally recognised official qualifications in English and other languages

Attending a bilingual school is an aid to gaining an official language qualification. The constant, in-depth learning provided by this environment facilitates the acquisition of advanced language skills. By being exposed to the language on a daily basis, students can learn more naturally, improving their pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar, and gaining a deeper understanding of language use in different contexts.

Native teachers and innovative methodologies for language development

Our native-speaking teachers are a significant advantage for language learning. These teachers have a deep and intuitive understanding of the language they teach, including grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and cultural usage.

The implementation of new teaching methodologies significantly improves the quality and effectiveness of learning. Innovative pedagogical techniques can make the learning process more interactive, engaging and adapted to the individual needs and abilities of students. At our bilingual school in Castellón we have extensive experience in new teaching methods, and our best guarantee is the results of our students.

Educational offer at our Bilingual School in Castellón for all levels

Our bilingual teaching process begins during the first school years and continues throughout the entire educational process.


During the infant school years, our pupils begin to learn English in the same way as they learn their mother tongue.


In Primary, more complex knowledge is developed and, in addition, the learning of a third language begins.


Secondary courses allow our students to improve their linguistic level.


During the baccalaureate, the language is oriented towards the requirements of international university education.

Admission and enrolment process

The admission process includes the following steps:

  • During the visit to the school, documentation is handed out with the fees and services, as well as meeting with the headmistress, deputy headmistress and the stage coordinator.
  • After the visit, if the school considers it appropriate to offer the student a place, a formal letter of offer is sent, together with the Enrolment Form, the Acceptance Form and the rest of the documentation.
  • Students starting Primary, Secondary or Baccalaureate are invited to enjoy a taster day.
  • The place will be reserved for 10 to 15 days (from the date of the offer letter).
  • The payment of the registration fee and the reservation of the place will then be made.
  • The family must complete all the documentation and submit it to our Admissions Director.
  • The Admissions Department will send the acceptance confirmation letter with updated documentation.

Contact form for enquiries and to request a visit

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