British School in Villarreal

British School of Vila-Real is a British school in Villarreal with a different educational offer, based on language learning in a perfect environment for education, from infants to pre-university courses

The British model of education allows us to integrate language learning into all academic phases, so that our pupils develop their communicative skills in this language at the same time as they learn their own mother tongue. The result is students who are not only multilingual, but also engaged with their environment and have a global perspective of the world.

Why are we the best British school in Alicante?

British School of Vila-Real is the best British school in Villarreal because of our educational programmes, the commitment of our teachers and our facilities. In addition, our environment offers us a unique space for our students to learn about the importance of the environment in our lives.

Advantages of our British School


  • Bilingual and multicultural approach: One of the greatest benefits of our British school in Villarreal is the bilingual approach, which allows students to develop English skills from an early age. In addition, the multicultural environment promotes intercultural understanding and openness to other cultures, which enriches the students’ education and outlook.
  • Quality British curriculum: We follow an internationally recognised curriculum that focuses on critical thinking, problem solving and the development of transferable skills. This prepares students for a successful academic and professional future anywhere in the world.
  • Excellent academic standards: We integrate very high academic standards and highly qualified teachers. This translates into quality learning and outstanding academic results.
  • Individual attention: We value individual attention. Teachers know their students intimately, which makes it easy to identify and support each student’s specific needs, ensuring optimal progress.
  • Extracurricular opportunities: We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, ranging from sports and art to music and drama. These opportunities complement formal education and help students develop additional skills and passions.
  • Preparation for higher education: The structure of our UK education system prepares students for entry to renowned universities around the world. Schools offer academic and career guidance to ensure students make the right decisions about their future.
  • Values and holistic education: We emphasise holistic education, promoting values such as responsibility, ethics and respect. This education not only prepares students academically, but also as engaged and ethical citizens.


Why choose a British educational programme for your children?


The British curriculum is world-renowned for its quality and focus on critical thinking. British schools guarantee individual attention and encourage academic excellence. In addition, bilingualism in English is a valuable skill in today’s globalised world. 

The values and holistic education promoted by these programmes help students to grow as responsible and ethical citizens, therefore, a British education programme offers a quality education, prepares for academic success and forms people with global vision and solid values.

British School for all stages of education

Our British school in Villarreal offers a comprehensive education for all stages. From Infant to Baccalaureate, we follow an internationally recognised quality British curriculum, providing continuity of education which facilitates the transition from one level to the next. 

Students benefit from rigorous training that promotes different aspects of their education, and the multicultural and bilingual environment enriches the educational experience. Preparation for international exams and personalised attention ensure a solid academic development. Our private school in Castellón offers a complete and coherent education, adapted to all stages of school life.


We are part of the International School Partnership


International School Partnership is an educational partnership, made up of schools from different countries, with the aim of promoting collaboration, cultural exchange and mutual learning. 

Through PSI we have the perfect environment to manage student and teacher exchanges, collaborative projects, or joint teaching and learning programmes. The main idea is to promote intercultural understanding and global awareness among students, enabling them to learn about other cultures and perspectives. At British School of Vila-Real we are part of the International School Partnership, which allows us to offer our students enriching experiences in different parts of the world.


We offer International Opportunities for our students


From online activities with students from other schools to face-to-face exchanges, PSI provides the perfect setting for our students to practice their communication skills in other languages and to see the world as a global and interconnected place.

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