International School in Castellón

What is an International School?

An international school is an academic center with a language program that integrates classroom activities and face-to-face experiences around the world. British School of Vila-Real is an international school in Castellón with a broad british educational offer, focused on language learning and personal growth. 

Unlike other international schools in Spain, our school has a comprehensive plan in collaboration with the International Schools Partnership. The possibility of combining activities from the primary cycle with exchange trips during the upper cycles, is an opportunity to put daily learning into practice and to get to know, first hand, other cultures.  

If you are looking for an international school in Castellón, British School of Vila-Real has the best british educational programs and an educational method focused on each of our students.   

Advantages of our International School in Castellon for your children

Studying at an international school like the British School of Vila-Real offers countless opportunities for our students. In addition to the academic benefits, our educational proposal includes educational objectives oriented towards the personal enrichment of the student, based on international experiences.

The following are the main advantages of our educational plans:

  • Our students learn English from the first academic cycles, acquiring communicative skills similar to those they develop in their native language. 
  • PSI’s international experiences are an opportunity to learn about other cultures through the eyes of people their own age. 
  • For their future, speaking English and Spanish are basic job skills. Through a specific language plan, we ensure that our students are prepared to face the challenges that await them in the future. 
  • Learning several languages has a very positive impact on a student’s cognitive development. British teaching enhances the student’s skills in other subjects.
  • Our school also offers the possibility of learning a third language from secondary school onwards and has specific plans for learning Valencian language.  

British School of Vila-Real is a british school in Vila-Real, located in a suitable environment for each of our students to develop all their abilities. Both teachers and staff work daily to offer each student a tailor-made program, based on language learning and the personal development of each student.

Objectives of our International School

Our main objective is based on creating the perfect educational environment, taking into account the needs and expectations of each student. The international character of our school allows us to achieve other objectives, related to the academic formation of each student.

  • Independence: We want to teach our students to make decisions individually, based on their own motivations.
  • Opportunities: We think of our curricula as an opportunity for the future of our students.
  • Community: At British School of Vila-Real we are an authentic educational community in which everyone can participate. 
  • Languages: Language learning is one of the basic pillars of all our educational programs. 
  • Proximity: Our students have the best academic team at their disposal when they need us.
  • Experiences: In addition to the daily learning in the classroom, we offer all kinds of experiences that will be the basis of their knowledge.

Our commitment to the student is based on creating a suitable environment for them to make their own decisions and be formed in the best conditions

We are part of the International Schools Partnership

International Schools Partnership (ISP) offers us a perfect educational environment for multilingual programs. Unlike other international schools, at British School of Vila-Real we do offer our students face-to-face international activities in collaboration with the ISP.

The first academic cycles put into practice what has been learned in the classroom through telematic activities with students from all over the world. The main advantage of these activities is that from ages 6 to 11, they learn to communicate in other languages with absolute fluency, while learning about other cultures from the classroom.

Secondary school is the right stage to start enjoying international face-to-face experiences. ISP connects 50 schools from all over the world through exchange activities, so that the cultural immersion is complete. 

ISP offers us a perfect setting for cultural exchange programs. These activities are a fundamental part of our curricula, and are implemented starting in the primary school cycle. Throughout their academic development, ISP experiences are a crucial asset to their learning, with both academic and personal learning consequences.        

The best international programs at our center

Our proposal goes beyond what british schools offer. Our classes are taught in Spanish, Valencian and English, as well as including the possibility of learning German or French from secondary school onwards. The practice of communication skills and the direct relationship with other international students are part of their daily education. 

The academic results of our students are our best guarantee. Our students acquire the necessary knowledge for their future in the perfect educational environment and can face the next challenges with the best preparation. 

Choose the best International School for your children’s future

For our teaching team, each of our students is an educational project. Encouraging their abilities and motivating them throughout all the school stages improves their academic results. In addition, in our school we teach values that will be basic for their future relationship with the world around them.

Enrollment period for our International School

The registration period for our international school is now open, if you want to make your reservation for the next course you can do it through our website, by phone or in person.

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Contact with us

We are located at Carretera de Vila-Real a Burriana, Tercer Sedeny s/n, 12540 in Vila-Real, Castellón, Spain.

You can contact our school by telephone and mail:

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