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in Castellón

British School of Vila-Real is much more than a british school, it is a reference school in Castellón, focused on offering quality education through immersive language learning.

Our private school in Castellón has the best educational programs from their first school years through secondary courses, and the possibility of learning languages in collaboration with the International Schools Partnership (ISP), an organization that we have been part of for many years, and that allows our students to enjoy experiences in English-speaking countries.

What makes us the best school in Castellón?

Our private school in Castellón offers the best educational experience throughout the educational stages prior to university. Among the characteristics that distinguish our school, we highlight the following

Innovative educational programs

The main basis of our educational programs is the learning of other languages. We collaborate with the ISP and carry out immersive experiences, to communicate in English with the same naturalness with which he or she communicates in his or her mother tongue.


International Programs

We believe that a language is learned in the classroom, but also through activities that go beyond the school itself. In collaboration with the ISP, we offer our students international programs for different age groups.

Individual instruction

We offer each one of our students the education and the academic advice they need, because we know that each person has his or her own path and needs a different educational experience.

At our private school we care about languages

At British School of Vila-Real we have the most complete language learning program. In the future labor market, people who are able to communicate in several languages will have an added advantage that will be basic to progress in the labor market, this learning should be established during the first stages of school, to be perfected throughout life. In our private school in Castellón we have created a teaching experience that manages to inculcate in the student the basic communicative abilities from infant and primary school, creating a base that will accompany the student forever. During the subsequent courses, the knowledge is reinforced and the learning of the language is deepened.

Native teachers for high level teaching

One of the main advantages of our center is the teaching based on native teachers. Our students work daily with English-speaking teachers, therefore, they get used to communication in English from an early age.

Our objective is not only based on the memorization of grammatical structures and vocabulary, but also on the putting into practice of the language learned. Our native teachers stimulate the communicative abilities of our students so that speaking and listening in other languages becomes something routine.

Private School in Castellón for all stages of education

At British School of Vila-Real your children will have the most complete educational offer throughout all stages of education.



The first stage helps them to put into practice basic skills that will be reinforced in the future, they also begin to learn the basics of writing and reading, in the case of our students, both in Spanish and English.




The six years of primary school are focused on acquiring the first technical knowledge in important areas such as mathematics, science and language. What they learn during these years will serve as the basis for their subsequent education.




During the secondary school years, the student establishes his general knowledge. This stage is very important, because during these years the student begins to define his academic and professional future.




The two courses prior to university are oriented to the EBAU test, but it is also important that the student has a personalized education, based on continuous counseling and focused on their future.

We are part of the International School Partnership

One of the advantages of our school is that we are part of the International Schools Partnership, an association of international schools, which allows us to offer our students immersive experiences based on language exchange.

The ISP not only allows us to encourage communication in other languages through real experiences, but also gives our students the opportunity to learn first-hand about other cultures, broadening their knowledge.

What makes us different from other private schools in Castellón?

At British School of Vila-Real we are a different british school for the following reasons.


Indoor and outdoor facilities

We have complete equipment for the physical and intellectual development of our students.

Teaching in different languages

Our educational programs are based on the practical learning of other languages.

Values based on integral education and respect

We help our students to become tomorrow’s citizens through values.

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Our private school in Castellón has all the facilities that our students need. All facilities are designed to enhance the educational capabilities of the center, offering our students a free environment and focused on their education.

If you are looking for a private school with a quality education, this is it!

We have created an educational experience designed for the future of your children. In addition to language instruction, we offer an educational program based on educational excellence and the highest quality standards, with teachers who truly care about your children’s education.

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