On Tuesday 25th of October our school took part in a Basketball tournament against other British schools. As the captain of the senior girls’ basketball team I must admit that, although none of us has ever played in an official basketball club outside school we did a fantastic job. We won one game! It goes without saying that we all had a great day. I would love to say that I cannot wait until next year to participate again, but unfortunately I am currently a Year 13 student and so next year I will be in University. However, I am sure that next year it will be even better and so I truly recommend everyone to join in!

Lidón Pruñonosa Lara, Year 13. Senior Girls team Captain.

From my point of view, I think all the girls from the junior team did an excellent work. As well as a brilliant performance of teamwork and cooperation. We finally achieved a third position from the seven schools we were participating in the tournament.

But not only us did a good job on the court. I think all the teams representing our school did an outstanding performance and showed a very high level of skill. I am looking forward for the next competition, which is going to be a Football tournament.

Carmen Llopis, 9A. Junior Girls team Captain.

I think our teams worked very hard during this Year’s VIS CUP. Although none of our teams got in first place, I think we all did really well. Teamwork, friendship, enthusiasm and motivation was shown during all the tournament.  We had a great time and enjoyed ourselves thanks to the PE department and all of the students participating.

John Escarcena, Y11. Seniors Boys team Captain.



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