BSVR Ambassadors Team

At BSVR, we are always looking for opportunities to prepare our students for future success, by offering them new challenges and responsibilities, with a specific focus on the development of the key life competencies demanded by the top universities and employers in the world. 


As such, we have launched an exciting opportunity for our current Year 12 students to become part of our very first BSVR Ambassador Team. The Ambassador system, sometimes referred to as the Prefect System, is common in the UK and being an Ambassador is a source of pride for many students and is a big plus for a student’s CV. At BSVR, our Ambassadors will represent the school as role models, promoting outstanding behaviour and attitudes. 


The Ambassador Team, lead by our Head Students, will serve from Term 3 in Year 12 for one year and will carry out a number of tasks around the school such as:


  • KS3 Tutor Time Buddies Working in small teams, Ambassadors will lead a KS3 Tutor group twice a week during morning tutor time


  • Lunch DutiesAmbassadors will work together with staff to ensure everyone is safe and happy during breaktimes


  • AssembliesAmbassadors will deliver assemblies to other year groups on a range of topics


  • PSHE talks about IGCSE/A Level ChoicesThe team will deliver talks to Year 9 and Year 11 students about their subject option choices for IGCSE and A Level respectively


  • Welcoming families to events Representatives from the Ambassador team will have a presence at events to which families are invited


  • Charity EventsThe Ambassador team will work together to organise one-off charity events during the school year 


Not only will our Ambassador team benefit from taking on extra responsibility and developing skills such as leadership and teamwork, their experience as Ambassadors will serve as a big advantage whilst writing their CV and will show universities and employers that they are able to thrive in a leadership position and meet challenges head on. 


A successful Ambassador at BSVR will…


  • Demonstrate high levels of life competencies such as leadership and teamwork


  • Develop staff-student relationships


  • Raise standards and expectations across the school 


  • Consistently model aspirational behaviour 



A rigorous application process


  • Students applied by filling out the online application form consisting of two questions:
  1. Why would you like to be a BSVR Ambassador?
  2. Why do you think you would be a good BSVR Ambassador?


Our Ambassador Team Training

  • The Ambassadors spend Term 2 completing training sessions, at least once a week, to prepare them for their role
  • The Ambassador Team officially starts at the beginning of Term 3
  • Our Ambassadors started in February supporting teachers during break-time duties in the patio.