Our Year 8 students, Carmen Tintoré, Lucía Martí, Linda Saadi and Ceci Gimeno took part into the Debating Competition which was held on 6th & 7th May at Laude Fontenebro School in Madrid.

In this edition, the ten centers of the ISP group in Spain participated, organized in teams of four participating students and one teacher per school. With these debates the students reinforce their communication skills in English and teamwork. In addition, they enhance the assertiveness in their verbal and non-verbal communication, since the students show greater maturity by communicating their arguments, putting the value of respect towards others before them.

During Monday 6th, the different teams were arriving in Madrid and later they moved to the hotel, located in the town of Moralzarzal. At 9pm they enjoyed a dinner in which they could get to know colleagues from other International Schools Partnerships better and enjoy an excellent atmosphere.


After a restful break, on Tuesday 7th the debates between different teams took place. Our students demonstrated their proficiency in English, their passion for competition and their desire to enjoy an unforgettable experience.







At the end, the diplomas were delivered. Congratulations to everyone! 

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