Our School Council have been busily working with Pilar Olivar (representing IRCO) to improve our lunch and snack provision. Pilar has been very impressed with the quality of suggestions and together they are confident that everyone will notice the great progress made so far this year. These improvements include:-

The provision of cold fresh water for all students during lunch.

We have extended the range of food available including more choice of vegetarian dishes.

We have introduced controlled access to condiments and sauces to add flavour according to individual taste.

We have removed veal from the menu in favor of more humanely sourced meats.

Reviewed our after school snack provision and will be trailing for one week (in Secondary School only) a choice of fruit alongside the usual snack. This will be available from the Library at the end of each day.

We would like to thank Pilar and the School Council for their continued commitment to excellence!

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