International Baccalaureate and A Levels

International Baccalaureate is the opportunity to choose an immersive higher education. International Baccalaureate courses prepare students for A Levels and for further education at international universities.

At British School of Vila-Real we prepare our students to pass their A Levels, with the aim of gaining entry to both Spanish and international universities. The International Baccalaureate stage at our school allows pupils to choose a tailor-made educational process, depending on the university courses they are going to take in the future. 

The advantages of choosing the International Baccalaureate

Students who choose the international alternative to study for the Baccalaureate usually opt for international universities. In the case of the students at our school, most of them opt for Anglo-Saxon universities, and therefore, they need a particular preparation, which is different from the Baccalaureate courses offered by other schools.

All Baccalaureate courses are a preliminary step towards university education. A student aiming for further education at a foreign university, must follow a specific curriculum to prepare him or her for the challenge of international university education.

As well as acquiring a range of specific technical skills, it is also important that students begin to adapt to Anglo-Saxon educational methods and language.

At British School of Vila-Real, we have developed a pre-university curriculum based on the British curriculum, which allows our students to assimilate the prior knowledge necessary to face their university studies. Furthermore, we follow the principles of British education, to favour their later adaptation, and we insist on language teaching, to help our students achieve the best results. 

Preparation for A Levels

The A Level or Advanced Level is an optional test, which can be taken in the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). 

At the end of secondary school, students must sit this test to determine their level. On the basis of the results, the student will be able to apply to a number of universities according to their requirements.

The A Level exams are taken once the Key Stage 5 course has been completed, that is Year 13. Once this course has been completed, a series of tests are established which allow access to university based on a minimum score, and validate the British studies with the Spanish Baccalaureate, obtaining a double qualification. 

At British School of Vila-Real we prepare our students not only to pass the A Level exams, our commitment is based on offering them the best support at all times, so they can opt for the university degree they want, with the best preparation beforehand. 

The importance of previous international experience

Every international educational process involves a period of adaptation. Living an experience abroad is much easier if the student has previously been able to enjoy immersive experiences. 

At British School of Vila-Real we have a comprehensive exchange programme, with immersive activities in other countries at different levels. Our school is part of the International School Partnership, an international association of educational institutions, present in 13 countries and made up of 47 schools. The advantage of belonging to the ISP is that our students have the possibility of following immersive activities from an early age, and during the international baccalaureate courses, they have already had similar experiences to those they will enjoy during their university years.

Language learning at an international baccalaureate

Students who choose an international university education learn the language of their destination. In the case of Anglo-Saxon universities, it is essential that students have a high level of English, both in terms of expression and comprehension skills. 

British School of Vila-Reales is a British school, therefore, our educational programmes are mostly taught in English. Our students have the opportunity, from the first years of school, to learn English in an immersive way with the help of native teachers.

The result of this educational process is particularly noticeable in the final years before university. Students who have developed their education through programmes in English are not only able to communicate adequately, they have also assimilated British academic structures, and can therefore adapt immediately to the Anglo-Saxon university model.     

The advantages of opting for the International Baccalaureate

  • Access to higher education both in Spain and in other countries.
  • Access to the most prestigious universities in the world.    
  • Multilingual training and improvement of language skills. 
  • It is a guarantee of the contents necessary for pre-university preparation.  
  • It is a qualification that can be recognised in many countries around the world. 
  • The teaching method is very similar to the university method. 

The International Baccalaureate and the A Levels are aimed at people who wish to continue their studies at international universities. The advantages go far beyond learning the language. Throughout the academic years, once this stage has been completed, the student will be prepared to face university courses with absolute confidence.

International Baccalaureate at British School of Vila-Real

At British School of Vila-Real we develop an international academic programme which begins in the first years and ends with the pre-university courses. Our students finish secondary school with the best preparation, and with a level of English suitable to meet the challenges of the most prestigious international universities.

If you would like to know more about our international Baccalaureate programmes and A Level preparation, contact British School of Vila-Real and find out more about our educational proposal for international university studies.