Last Friday 3rd of March our 14 delegates from all the Laude Schools in Spain started their exciting journey to Mexico City. For the following two days the students stayed with their host families, participating in family life as an ordinary member.

On Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th of March the students enjoyed a tour to the Teotihuacan pyramids and to Xochimilco and Coyoacan, all organized by the Thomas Jefferson school, part of the ISP global family of schools.

From 8th to 10th they will be taking part in the Model United Nations congress, alongside students from all the other ISP schools in Mexico as well as other schools. Each student will be representing their own unique country, and they have spent the past weeks researching their country´s view on a range of economic, political, humanitarian, cultural and environmental issues.

Here is an extract from the Secretary General’s and the Public Relation Undersecretary’s invitation letter, explaining the event:

“TJMUN is an activity organised entirely and solely by high school students. Following a twenty-two-year tradition, students take on the actual roles of diplomats. Their main objectives are to practise their public-speaking abilities, to understand the importance of civilised dialogue, and to learn the impact of words in contemporary problems while adhering to the United Nations debate protocols. It is a highly enriching experience for youngsters.”

On March 11th the students start will start their return journeys to Spain, no doubt filled with pride, and truly global citizens.

I am so delighted that ISP has made the financial commitment to support this very important visit, covering all the travel costs of each delegate. It demonstrates a clear commitment to enriching the international educational experience of our students and to ensuring that there is real connection between students within the ISP global family

It is also planned that we will host our own Model United Nations event next year in Spain, to enable more of our students from across Spain to have this experience.

We wish all participants a very successful and enjoyable trip.


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