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Please look out for our special feature in El Mundo today. We are delighted to be presenting our unique style of education, with a key focus on the way our pupils learn. 
We hope you will also be proud to have your children in our School.
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In Spain, families are fortunate enough to be able to choose between many options when it comes to their children’s education.

However, how often have they stopped, as parents, to ask themselves if their children have experienced real learning through this educational journey? This is a matter of extreme importance that a particular group of schools has at the heart of their values.

THE LAUDE GROUP belongs to the International Schools Partnership, which has become one of the most successful and internationally growing educational companies. In each Laude School children experience what it really means to “improve” in each and every aspect that they develop and learn. In that process of personal growth and change, students learn to share the responsibility of developing knowledge and comprehension skills day by day, through carefully designed activities. By doing so, they gain confidence in themselves with the guidance and support of excellent teachers who understand the true dimension of the concept of learning.

A visit to any of the seven Laude Schools will show you how the concept of individualized learning is brought to life in every classroom. Attention to diversity, the identification of weaknesses and strengths in our students is a fundamental aspect for the staff, who adapt themselves to the needs of students. Celebrating the achievements of students who face academic challenges and overcome them is part of the daily routine in the school, who are encouraged by the Educational Support Team. In a Laude School, instilling the desire in children to become the best they possibly can in the areas they are passionate about is the key to success.

In the last three years, International Schools Partnership has made an investment of more than 20 million euros in new facilities for all schools in Spain. For ISP it is also a priority to invest in the teaching and learning process. To improve learning standards, the Laude group has a Learning Director, Mr. Nick Campbell, who works with the teachers and school Heads to develop a true culture of learning. Mr. Nick Campbell states: “Our goal is simple: to help students become better versions of themselves, in each and every class every day; but beyond that, we want our students to learn to levels of which they themselves are amazed.”

The Regional Director of ISP in Europe, Mr Nick Rugg, states that “We must ensure that our students are busy learning and not just busy. We are fully committed to our parents and students to help them improve through what we call a positive effort, challenging them, making sure that their brains are working hard and preparing them properly for their future. The teaching staff are dedicated to offering students any opportunity of learning available. The way in which our schools celebrate the excellent learning from Nursery to Baccalaureate is vital to individually increase each student´s confidence. I am delighted that this is a prime objective for our company.”

Laude schools hold Open Days during each term, allowing prospective parents to come and witness this fantastic learning experience in first person.

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