Year 10, Science teachers for a day!

Our Year 10 students became Science teachers for a day. At Laude British School of Vila-real (Castellón), this is just one of the innovative teaching methods we use to improve our students’ understanding and reinforce their learning.

Year 10 students became teachers for a few hours to teach Year 4 students why we breath and its importance in respiration, thus demonstrating their knowledge about aerobic and anaerobic respiration, concepts that they had previously learnt in their Science lessons.

Year 4 students learnt in a practical way the importance of our breathing when we do any physical activity. They also loved spending time with the older students!

Changing the role that the student plays in the classroom, from student to teacher, is an excellent way to reinforce what our students have learnt, whilst at the same time practicing their oral skills in English, improving their memory, and overcoming stage fright.

Good job, Year 10!