Year 9 enjoy a visit to Fanzara

On 22nd November, Year 9 students went on a trip to the beautiful town of Fanzara. Fanzara is a town located in the interior of Castellón with 300 inhabitants, whose houses are covered by more than a hundred graffiti and other samples of urban art.

The fame of the murals of Fanzara and the MIAU (Unfinished Museum of Urban Art) attracts the attention of many tourists.

During the visit, our students enjoyed a guided tour of the town. So far, the MIAU of Fanzara is made up of more than 100 murals in which 74 artists from all over the world have participated.

Moreover, the students took part in an art workshop. The workshop is intended to demonstrate the basic techniques of graffiti and show the steps involved to develop a piece in this style.

But, apart from the murals, there are also other urban art interventions in that town: sculptures, photography on stone or tile mosaics.

Every year, more murals are created in Fanzara. Therefore, this urban art museum is unfinished and continues to evolve.
The students enjoyed the visit to this special Art Museum.